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Gigg Stage was created to help your personal brand, company, employees, and customers receive more recognition and offer them exciting opportunities through sponsored competitions and events. Hosting a competition through Gigg is one of the best ways you can gain additional exposure and interaction. Gigg regularly teams up with the some of the biggest brands across the land to create opportunities for sponsorships and influencer marketing strategy to get your brand in front of massive audiences. For more information about hosting a competition please contact: info@gigg.com


Competitions give Gigg members the chance to win exciting – and sometimes exclusive – prizes that range from all-inclusive trips to once in a lifetime opportunities to meet your favorite artists. Competition topics may range from covering your favorite music video to showing the dedication you have for your favorite sports team. Check back regularly for updates on new competitions and details.

Earn Gigg Points

As an active member of the Gigg Community you will have the opportunity to earn Gigg Points. The more you participate in Gigg Stage by entering contests, voting in and entering competitions, and sharing competing artist entries with your friends and family, the more points you'll earn. Earn enough points or complete certain tasks to earn badges which will be displayed on your badges page. The more you participate, the greater the chance you'll be able to claim your spot at the top of the leader board. More importantly, by earning points, you demonstrate your support for the Gigg community and show the world you're a true fan of music and Gigg artists.